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How to Prepare for a Productive Week

How to Prepare for a Productive Week

Well, guys, we are half way through a new week! How are things going so far? For me, so far so good! I’m battling a cold, but such is life. I took a day off work to try and get some rest. Usually, even when I’m home sick I’m just thinking about the next thing I have to do. But today it’s a bit different because I’ve been doing a really great job of setting my family up for a productive week every Sunday.

Now, Sunday- my favorite days of the week. I know that for a lot of people, the Sunday Blues are a thing. You know, when you come to the realization that you have to work the next day and all the weekend fun is coming to an end. But for me, Sunday is a fresh start. I’m really trying to focus on my productivity, so Sunday is where I can fully dig in and get myself together for an easier Monday-Friday! I also can’t be bothered during the week to do anything extra (maybe I’ll do post about my weekly schedule on another day) so utilizing the weekend to organize myself is the only way to go!

See my to-do list below. Feel free to utilize both Saturday & Sunday if you have the time!

Laundry: I like to wash, dry and fold every piece of dirty laundry in the house so that we have everything we need for the week. I’m not going to lie, I don’t always do all of the towels and sheets. We don’t have a laundry room in our apartment or even in our building, so I have to walk a few blocks to the laundromat. Sometimes, our dirty clothing is too much to carry with our sheets and towels. Laundry isn’t my favorite choir, but at least I got a cute laundry basket out of it!

Outfit planning for mom and toddler: Before I was a mom, the one thing that used to always make me late for work was waiting until the last minute to pick out my outfit for the day. So now since I have to dress both myself and a toddler, I just go ahead and pick out wardrobe for the both of us for the whole week. I even go as far as to pick out undergarments for us as well as shoes.

Grocery shopping & meal planning: Again, I’m not going to lie. This is something I aim to do this week but don’t always get around to. Meal planning is so beneficial because it means food is one less thing to think about for the week. All you’ll have to do is look at your plan and see what’s cooking!

Weekly to-do list: This one is pretty self explanatory. Make a list of all the tasks you have to do for the week. You may want to separate the list by day of the week, maybe by type of task (cleaning, work, etc.) Just do whatever works for you. For me, I chose to sort tasks by day. I got this really beautiful new planner with the perfect layout to keep me on task. I love looking at it each morning to see what’s scheduled for the day. Linking a planner with the same layout here!

Cleaning: Do all your major annoying cleaning tasks on Sunday, Y’all. Trust me! Just do them and be done with them. You’ll feel so much better not having to think of doing them throughout the week. My annoying task is a deep clean of the bathroom. We do clean certain areas the bathroom during the week, but not a super deep clean like we do on Sunday.

Pack toddlers bag: This is a task I have to do weekly for Emi’s daycare. Every week we have to send her with a fresh sheet and blanket. We also sometimes have to replen her diapers, wipes and tissues so she has them when she needs them. So, on Sunday, I pack her bag and leave it by the door so all I have to do is grab it on our way out.

Sunday skincare & beauty routine: I’ve been having so many breakouts recently, so I really try to use Sunday to do a full skincare routine. I’ve really been loving Mario Badescu acne face wash. Recently, I’ve been trying to find a good face mask to use for breakouts. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Workout schedule: I’ve been doing so much better with my workouts, guys! *Pats self on back* I joined a new gym and try to go 4-5 times per week. I even found this great PUMA gym bag that’s just big enough to hold all my crap but not so big where it’s annoying to carry on the train. Sometimes I’ll plan on doing a class depending on what the gym has going on that week. If there’s no classes, I will go ahead and plan some leg workouts, cardio and HIIT training.

I hope this gave you some ideas about how to make your Sunday more productive. Do you do anything to prepare for the week? Share below!

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