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How To Save Money While Shopping!

How To Save Money While Shopping!
Hi Everyone!
If you’re anything like me, holiday gift shopping really takes a lot out of you, financially. I really love gift giving and always want to give the best gift I possibly can that’s still within budget. I’m always trying to find a way to save some money in the most convenient way possible. Check out the below for some apps/websites that I personally use to save a few extra dollars during gift-giving season.
Y’all I just discovered this app! Shoptagr is an app which allows you to save, or “tag” items. It then alerts you when something goes on sale! *Que singing angels* I have tagged so many Christmas gifts as well as some cute clothing items I want & other random things for the house. What I really love doing is tagging the same item from multiple stores so that I can see which store offers the item at the price I’m looking for first.
I think most people know about Ebates by now but if you don’t, get on it! Ebates offers cash back for purchases you were already going to make anyway. For example, plan on buying something from Sephora or buybuy Baby? Launch their websites through the app (or the ebates website itself) and get cash back. They even have a plugin you can download to your desktop. I don’t remember to use Ebates sometimes and then I’m 100% pissed when I realize I didn’t get my cash back! Don’t be like me! Lol! Use my link for $10 in cash back when your sign up!
Qapital has reallyyyyy become my go-to money app for savings. Qapital allows you to connect your debit card to the app and create rules which allows you to save money without thinking about it. Let’s say you want to save some money when you get paid. You can set up a rule which saves 30% wheverer you have a direct deposit go into your bank account. This is great for someone like me who forgets to put money into savings manually. The other thing I love is the round up rule. I have a rule set that says anytime I make a purchase using my debit card to round up the purchase to the nearest $2 and save the rounded up balance. So, a purchase or $2.25 will be rounded up to $4 and the $1.75 will be saved into my Qapital account. They also have their own debit card, so you can immediately access that saved money! I’m obsessed! Use this link to get $5 when you sign up!
Have you even used any of these? Leave a comment and share your experience!

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